Hainan aviation Inc.

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Hainan aviation Inc. is Chinese civil aviaton the first A with B the airline that appears on the market at the same time. After the company is transformed via standardization share-holding system at saving airline by Hainan in January 1993, build, open shipping battalion formally on May 2, 1993, register capital three billion five hundred and thirty million two hundred and fifty-two thousand eight hundred and one yuan of RMBs. Company legal representative is president Zhu Yimin, currently hold the post ofa president to be Wang Yingming.
Hainan aviation Inc. (boat of sea of the following abbreviation) , it is Hai Hang group subordinate aviation is carried board piece bibcock enterprise, aviation of company of empty to the Chinese Xin Huahang of place administer finite liability, Chang'an is finite finite liability company carries out aviation of liability company, Shanxi industry government.
Up to now, hai Hang is carried board piece mainland area owns an aircraft 171, apply to flight of charter flight of trunk flight, branch line flight, official business affairs, freight flight and general flight. Among them, boeing aircraft group has 76 Boeing737 - 300/400/700/800 plane, 3 Boeing767 - 300 model plane, empty plane team owns 16 Airbus319 plane, 4 Airbus330-200 plane, aircraft group has Duonier plane of branch line of 29 Dornier328-300 jet, EMB aircraft group has 10 ERJ145, plane of 5 EMB190 branch line, official aircraft group has 7 Hawker800XP/850XP/900XP luxurious and official opportunity, in Ⅳ of 3 bay shedding long-range and official machine, in Ⅴ of a bay shedding long-range and official machine, 5 bays shed 200 official machine, still have 5 luck additionally 7 model cargo aircraft and 4 B737-300QC machine, 2 737-300 total cargo aircraft, total cargo aircraft of a B747-400. Up to 2007, the company is versed in in the employee 8880 more than person, among them flight personnel 1050 more than person, the personnel that multiply Wu 1530 more than person, aircraft crew 1610 more than person. Personnel record of formal schooling is formed in, graduate student 100 more than person, undergraduate students 6290 more than person, the specialized subject lays 2490 more than person.
Successive 15 years, hai Hang maintains continuously, fast, healthy development posture, each production management index all appears go out to grow impetus continuously. 2007, sea boat implementation carries total volume 2.241 billion ton kilometer, goods mails traffic one hundred and ninety-seven thousand eight hundred tons, passenger volume forteen million four hundred and ninety-four thousand person-time, 4 big airline of China of successful ascend body.
1993 up to now, hai Hang built Beijing, Xi'an, Taiyuan, Urumqi, Guangzhou, Lanzhou, Dalian early or late base of movement of 7 aviation battalion, route network already spread all over countrywide each district, opened domestic and international line nearly 500, among them city of be open to navigation or air traffic 90, = of Beijing = Berlin, enlightened Beijing = of Xi Yatu of = of Osaka of = of Brussels of = of Budapest, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing is new A Sida of = of Hong Kong of = of Macao of = of Sanket of = of Siberia, Beijing, Beijing, Xi'an, Urumqi.
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