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Inc. of Chinese southern aviation, it is Chinese south aviation of follower of aviation group company is carried advocate estate company, headquarters is set in Guangzhou, with blue perpendicular empennage sets gules kapok to be company symbol. Have the 1 such as helicopter of Xinjiang, north, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hainan, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Dalian, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Guangxi, Zhuhai aviation of head of 3 branches and Xiamen aviation, Shan, Guizhou aviation, Zhuhai aviation, Chongqing aviation 5; Base is created in Shanghai, Xi'an, set 17 home business department in all in and other places of Chengdu, Hangzhou, Nanjing, in Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, enlighten do obeisance to, and other places sets Amsterdam, Paris, los angeles, new York, Sydney, Lagesi 49 abroad agency.

Inc. of Chinese southern aviation is domestic carriage airlines network of most, route is the most concentrated, year the airline with the largest passenger traffic volume. Current, na Hang is managed include Boeing 777, 747, 757, 737, empty guest A330, 321, 320, 319, 300 inside guest freight loses a plane many 330, formed it is central hub with Guangzhou, Beijing, cover country thick and fast, comprehensive radiate Asia, add up to allied member clasp with the day, whole world of route network understand 841 destination, join 162 countries and area, reach the whole world each are main city.

2007, na Hang passenger volume is close 57 million person-time, first what reside domestic each airline 29 years continuously, it is before home enters world aviation passenger transport exclusively 10 strong airline, the whole world ranks the 9th. Up to on May 20, 2007, na Hang flies 4 million hours with successive safety, the flight security that achieves civil aviaton total bureau to issue is highest award -- the flight is safe 4 stars award, become carry the airline with safe record the longest time at present.

Inc. of Chinese southern aviation holds to " safety first " core viewpoint of value, safe base is solid. Flight actual strength is superior, have many 3300 outstanding flight personnel, it is the airline that at present home owns independence exclusively to develop pilot ability, CAE of manufacturer of simulator of as famous as the whole world flight is joint-stock built flight training center is the flight training center with Asian the largest scale; Actual strength of machine Wu maintenance is abundant, limited company of engineering of maintenance of plane of the Guangzhou below the banner (GAMECO) build the Asia's biggest airlines maintains garage, na Hang and German MTU firm close build have home the aviation engine with highest grade of the biggest, maintenance maintains base; Safeguard system is perfect, have obtain national science and technology to progress the flight of second-class award runs control system (SOC) , and obtain national science and technology to progress together the IT system with the domestic aviation most advanced industry such as the engine performance supervisory system of second-class award. 1995, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2007 year, large award of year of safety of aviation of boat of 5 degrees of countrymans in carrying off -- " Jin Peng cup " .
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