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Company of group of Chinese Oriental aviation is China one of groups of industry of aviation of 3 old state-owned and large key members, went up in the foundation of group of former Oriental aviation 2002, airline of annex China northwest, yunnan airline recombines and become jointly.
Group total position is the most active at Chinese economy, most the city that develop -- Shanghai, have department of thing of China of be well versed in, join Asia, Europe, Australia and American are giant route network. The group registers capital to be a RMB 2.558 billion yuan, total assets is fifty-one billion six hundred and ninety-nine million yuan about, employee amounts to 35000 people, have 168 large and medium-sized modern carriage plane, aircraft of 22 general aviation, running course of 450 international, country. The group involves medium of food of imports and exports, finance, aviation, house property, advertisement, machinery extensively still to make wait for an industry, the group has company of many 20 member.
Inc. of Chinese Oriental aviation is the core business of Dong Hang group, it is the airline that China is in Hong Kong, new York and Shanghai the first times to appear on the market, register capital to be a RMB 4, 866, 950, 000 yuan, group of Chinese Oriental aviation has his 61.64% equity. Inc. of Chinese Oriental aviation has obtained a lot of honor in industry since hold water, its brand enjoys extensive reputation in within the country, had created countrywide civil aviaton to serve quality appraise through comparison exclusive " 5 Lian Guan " record, still have the honor to win international aviation industry " award of 5 stars diamond " .
Carry in aviation advocate business Wu respect, the group is being carried out in the round " centre network operation " the strategy, an above sea is the center, giant aviation that pays equal attention to according to money of market of whole world of protract triangle, join, customer the network is being formed quickly in. In the meantime, main compose establishs the group, perfect and efficient " centralized operation manages mode " , the flight safety technology that is close to with world level since work up, sky counteracts sale of maintenance of Wu of ground service, machine, market, moving control to wait for system of pillar sex business.
Diversity is extended is the one annulus with group main strategy, property of Wu of ticket of food of service of aviation imports and exports, banking, aviation, travel, house property, general aviation, machinery is made, the complementary course of study such as advertisement medium board piece already preliminary build, diversity is extended already formed whole new structure.
Predict " 15 " period end (2005 bottoms) , the group carries total volume to will achieve 4.6 billion ton kilometer, passenger volume will achieve 22.5 million person-time, goods mails traffic to achieve 800 thousand tons, total assets amounts to 52 billion yuan, business income 26 billion yuan, carriage plane achieves 180, estimation of main management index will decide the 15 % of the target formerly more than, the group will carry 7% annual growth rate.
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