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Abbreviation of Inc. of China International aviation " country boat " , english name is " Air China Limited " , abbreviation " Air China " , airline of its predecessor China International held water 1988. According to the State Council approval passes " civil aviaton system reforms scheme " , in October 2002, china International airline combines Chinese aviation head office and Chinese southwest airline, established company of Chinese aviation group, carry resource in order to combine the boat of tripartite to be a foundation for nothing, establish new China International airline. On September 30, 2004, via the State Council state-owned asset supervises administrative committee approval, accuse as Chinese aviation group aviation is carried advocate estate company, inc. of China International aviation (boat of country of the following abbreviation) hold water formally in Beijing, employee 23000 people, register capital to be a RMB 6.5 billion yuan, solid control capital 9.433 billion yuan. On December 15, 2004, inc. of China International aviation is in Hong Kong (stock code 0753) with London (trade code AIRC) appear on the market successfully. Boat has the state very strong gain capability, begin to already realized gain 7 years continuously 2007 from 2001, lead position is on in Chinese civil aviaton.

Country boat is the airline that China carries ensign exclusively to fly, sky alliance member was become in December 2007, it is Beijing at the same time Olympic Games assemble made associate 2008, have value of brand of domestic airline first (evaluation was world brand lab 2007 twenty-three billion five hundred and twenty-three million yuan of) , in aviation passenger transport, freight and face of relevant service Zhu Fang, all be in domestic lead position. Well-known, boat is assuming the country the private plane task of visit of Chinese country leader going abroad, also assume a lot of foreign countries dynast and summit in home only charter flight task, this is a country the exalted position that the country with particular boat holds banner boat. Boat headquarters sets the nation in Beijing, administer has base of branch of southwest, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Inner Mongolia, Tianjin, Guizhou, Tibet and Shanghai base, Huana, and project technology branch, official machine branch, accuse a Beijing plane to maintain engineering limited company (Ameco) , company of food of aviation of limited company of aviation of China International freight, Beijing. Boat returns the country the enterprise such as aviation of peaceful of share Shenzhen aviation, country, it is the largest stockholder of limited company of Shandong aviation group, control a Macao aviation limited company. Up to by March 2008, boat has the country to be given priority to with Boeing, empty guest each model plane 224; 243 line that operation covers 28 countries and area (line of its China boundary 69, area course 6, domestic line 168) ; Provide 1 million more than 6000 airliners, places for the passenger every week. Through the country boat is the powerful, balanced global route network of the hub with Beijing, the passenger can reach 81 home destination conveniently, 42 international reach area destination.
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