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Finite liability company established Shenzhen aviation in November 1992, formal on September 17, 1993 begin navigation, it is the transportation enterprises of share-holding system aviation that basically manages aviation guest, goods, mail transportation to lose business. Since begin navigation, maintained 13 years of gain and 14 years of safe flights, the company is mixed with safe flight, excellent service, good economic benefits the wide recognition that efficient administrative pattern won a society. End by December 2007, deep ship total assets is close 20 billion yuan of RMBs, share many 8500 employee, have Boeing 747, 737, empty guest 320, 319 wait for each type plane many 70, course of management home international many 160, have halt do business domestic and internationally ministry 57, established Nanning, without stannum, Guangzhou, Changzhou, Shenyang, Zhengzhou, on the west 8 base branch mixes double edition accept, Jinan trade of freight, labour, advertisement, travel, compound eat, hotel corporation of 6 2 form, have international flying school, dominate a Changzhou airport, as joint-stock as German Chinese Sha hold water and control a company of emerald international air-freight, as joint-stock as American plum Sa hold water and accuse an airline of roc branch line, as joint-stock as Hong Kong held water inferior machine of couplet official business runs a company.
In November 2005, the equity of finite liability company that finish makes over Shenzhen aviation, become country's biggest civilian run to accuse an airline. New partner put forward what type develops to realize deep boat to span " 369 " development strategy program, deep boat entered new development period.
2006 is deep boat a year when milepost sense has on phylogeny, it is deep boat is carried out " 369 " of a bureau that develops strategic program year, also be deep boat a year when obtain arrogant person outstanding achievement in the respect such as safe, benefit, service, development. Deep boat establish develop the strategy, formed culture system, undertook a series of constituent innovation, management innovation, mechanism innovation and service innovation, carried out a talent to introduce groom plan, build imitate machine to groom base, employee grooms center 3, with the school collaboration creates research base 3. March northeast, fall child Central Plains, advanced Guangzhou, Beijing the strategy and revive, stannum, constant " golden triangle " the strategy, prepare to construct actively branch of Shandong, southwest, Xi'an, Nanjing, preliminary finished strategy of company early days to expand position, the underlying actual strength of the enterprise and explicit consequence got comprehensive promotion. Deep 2006 boat introduces Boeing 747, 737 with empty guest 319, 320 planes 12, build manufacturing base 3, it is deep boat plane measure is introduced one year most on the history, also be base construction a the fastest year.
2007, deep boat is in " found deep ship compass to manage mode, make transportation enterprises of aviation of 5 stars class, do characteristic aerial to get the person that run " of group goal how-to below, it is motivation in order to innovate with enterprising, accelerate development rate further, promotion develops character, according to " a main body, two are propped up, Wu of 3 great undertaking, 4 board piece " group business develops a program, develop group of industry of value catenary, service chain, give priority to money of body, customer to develop simultaneously with passenger transport, carry out deep boat " 369 " program, exert oneself advances platform of operation of informatization, capital to build, aerial of implementation freight, branch line, official machine develops jointly, develop travel of the airport, hotel, estate, plane to rent energetically etc with advocate bigger industry is spent related course of study board piece, executive brand runs the strategy, compose builds cobweb route network, formed it is banner with company culture, it is with compass management prop up, "3 tall one low " core competition ability, come true one year ahead of schedule " 369 " the target of the first pace that develops strategic program, become China group of the 5th big aviation. 2005 to 2007, deep boat basically produces management index with year all the speed of 40% above increases by degrees, development of nearly two years exceeded in front summation of 13 years, realized gain 2007 640 million yuan, than going up year of growth 76.8% .
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