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Be known as " neat Lu Zhiyi " limited company of Shandong aviation group (the following abbreviation " company of Shan Hang group " ) be save economy to develop 10 partner such as investment firm by Inc. of China International aviation, Shandong of joint-stock composition be engaged in aviation carrying related produce. On March 12, 1994 approval of government of total bureau of classics country civil aviaton and Shandong provincial Party committee, province holds water, headquarters is in Jinan.
Company of Shandong aviation group is ligament with equity relation, accuse a Shandong aviation Inc. (share of boat of hill of the following abbreviation) , aviation of limited company of engineering of plane of Shandong remote antiquity, Shandong international grooms machine of official business of rainbow of aviation of limited company, Shandong aviation of limited company, Shandong circle in the air limited company of ad of aviation of rainbow of limited company of world technology service, Shandong and red -crowned crane are big, formed it is bibcock with carrying trade, collect aviation is carried, plane maintenance, aviation grooms, the fluctuation that hotel travel, advertising Wu is an organic whole swims the management pattern that business form a complete set develops.
Company of hill boat group accuses the core unit that Shan Hang share is company of Shan Hang group hands in a B business, greatly appear on the market company, advocate battalion aviation carries business. Come more than 10 years, shan Hang from beginning to end " ensure safe, firm pays benefit, on schedul of do one's best, excellent service " put in the first place. 2007, have Boeing 737 series, CRJ series each model plane 37, management course many 220, every week 700 many airliners fly to the whole nation 50 many big in city, open area of and other places of Hong Kong, Korea and international line. Flight base is set in and other places of Jinan, Qingdao, Yantai, Chongqing, Huhhot.
Group company is in current Shan Hang to be guidance with scientific development view, insist to carry on the spirit of enterprise of development innovation, advantage of competition of business of unit of ceaseless aggrandizement core, increase transmission radiate capacity, to found " restful Shan Hang, harmonious Shan Hang " , implementation spans type development makes arduous efforts.
Address: 2 annulus of Jinan city east road edifice of 5746 Shandong aviation
Postcode: 250014

The group builds a demand
Solidarity, respect course of study, rigorous, deal with concrete matters relating to work, efficient, innovation.
This overall demand reflected Shan Hang to portray the guiding ideology of employee rank and goal centrally: Unitive cooperation, love hillock respects property; Science is rigorous, efficient deal with concrete matters relating to work; The thought is active, be brave in to innovate. Through be carried out ceaselessly and grooming, form to dare make tough fight stage by stage, can call victorious battle, rational thinks, have as, style the employee rank with hard, high quality.
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