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The whole nation that Xiamen aviation limited company established on July 25, 1984 changes the airline that run the first times by the enterprise, show partner to be: Inc. of Chinese southern aviation (take 60% equity) build hair group limited company with Xiamen (take 40% equity) . Xiamen Airline holds water to be managed independently oneself, the carrier code that has oneself (MF) , it is the formal member of international aviation carriage association.
Xiamen Airline is the child that system of Chinese civil aviation reforms initial attempt. Since holding water, through 6 years do poineering work difficultly, 5 years develop steadily and do poineering work 2 times 5 years, begin to enter from 2001 send exhibition period continuously, already developed the medium dimensions airline that becomes to own aircraft of 46 Boeing series now. Existing aircraft group includes 37 B737 and 9 B757, xiamen Airline will add 8 B737-800 airplane again 2008, form the operation aircraft group that gives priority to with the plane of new generation Boeing such as 737-700, 737-800.
Xiamen Airline advocate freight of guest of battalion home aviation is defeated by etc of business, Fujian Province to be approved via civil aviaton total bureau designate an area only then send the aviation guest freight that reachs adjacent country or area to lose business, the business between airline acts as agent, maintenance of aerostat holding battalion concurrently, aviation distributes the professional work such as eat, hotel, travel, advertisement, foreign trade. Xiamen Airline is an airliner with hill of exterminate of Xiamen, Fuzhou, Jin Jiang, fierce, Hangzhou, Nanchang, Tianjin only then the battalion movement base of hair, , four are in outside churchyard big in the city was established agency and business ministry. Manage to the whole nation each are big in course of many 150 home such as city and Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, international, what build chinese mainland of southeast Asia come-and-go hard is convenient passageway, develop the important tie that makes two sides of join taiwan strait hard, the passenger that serves area of convenient southeast Asia through convenient a favourable turn reachs countrywide each district.
2007, xiamen Airline safety flies 159 thousand hours, finish carry total volume 1.13 billion ton kilometer, carry a passenger 9.28 million person-time, the gain index that overfulfiled make known to lower levels of board of directors considerably achieves the history new tall, hold gain 21 years continuously. Develop through management of 24 years, xiamen Airline already formed the management system of an effective that suits oneself characteristic, model not only piece " safe, high grade, sincere letter " brand, also brought rich and generous redound to partner, made contribution for the society.
"915 " during, came 2006 namely 2010, xiamen Airline general develops with the speed of country of summary prep above, industry and local economy, implementation volume breaks up time break up with each production target time, aircraft group dimensions achieves 69, year passenger volume breaks through 13 million person-time. To the south of the Xiamen Airline development in the international market South Asia, northeast inferior give priority to, southeast Asia is given priority to with Singapore. At present Xiamen Airline is devoting oneself to good span quickly again type develops, transfer to airline of regional, much base hard, perfect route network, substantial flight number ceaselessly, active compose is built those who make Fujian becomes China of southeast Asia come-and-go is convenient passageway.
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