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Limited company of Shanghai lucky aviation was mixed via total bureau of Chinese civil aviaton in June 2005 Shanghai government approval prepares to construct, register capital to be 150 million yuan of RMBs. Limited company of Shanghai lucky aviation all preciouses jade by Shanghai (group) limited company and Shanghai all precious jade aviation investment limited company invests the civilian battalion that prepare to construct jointly airline. Shanghai all preciouses jade (group) limited company and Shanghai all precious jade investment limited company all is aviation to all precious jade the wholy-owned subsidiary of the group. The scope of operations that Shanghai lucky aviation is engaged in includes mail transportation of money of domestic aviation customer to be defeated by maintenance of business of charter flight of travel of business, general aviation business, business affairs, aerostat and spare parts treatment to repair and with advocate the other business that business Wu concerns.
Shanghai is lucky aviation general according to " safe, on schedul, delicate service " management concept, amass resource dominant position, seize market opportunity, enlarge course quickly network and carriage dimensions, improve service quality, raise economic benefits, implementation company spans type develops, with 5-10 year time devotes oneself to to become an outstanding internationalization airline.
What is the meaning that lucky aerial indicates?
Lucky aviation will " lucky phoenix " the label that serves as an enterprise, do one's best passes the internationalization illuminate of traditional to China culture, one is modelled to offer Shu Xin for the client in Chinese aviation group and international aviation group the brand of hundred years aviation of excellent service.
The circular jade admire that lucky aviation manages the originality inspiration of mark comes from the Chinese ancient time that is design with lucky phoenix.
Phoenix is free those who hover is reincarnate, contact with aviation industry close together, implied meaning auspicious is auspicious peace and tranquility. "Stem from the country of Oriental gentleman, hover besides the four seas, cross Kunlun, drink baffle, wash feather weak water, not (dusk) Su Feng (red) acupuncture point, see a the world is great quiet. " (Chinese generation Xu Shen is in " say civil solution word " ) .
In the meantime, gentleman compares De Yuyu. Yu Yun is containing deep humanitarian connotation, it is the lucky content of good fortune as one wishes, the advisability that represented lucky aviation to have appearance already and hold an underlying honest keep faith, hopeful enterprising, firm and indomitable great mind concurrently, indicative lucky aerial brand will be mixed Baoyu is same, through the refine of temper by dipping in water of time, more the value that shows oneself.
Lucky aviation manages the color of mark is the lucky color of Chinese tradition----Of implicative wine red and elegance aureate move as mass-tone, combine the design element of lucky phoenix, handle to the modernization of graphical line through French stylist, the perfect union with colour and graph (Jin Weiyang, jade is shade) and Cheng Jixiang, the confluence that reflected Chinese culture and world culture adequately and the high quality, convenient service that lucky aviation provides come with what rival international level attain desire, it is sedate the union with passion. Only this kind calm with jump the unity that move, ability forms the most gorgeous and colorful colour on the world, the most brilliant richly the totem, most the force that passion bursts forth, the most perfect the eternity that be too busy. Have contain cosmic machine, take in and send out in large quantities the annals of heaven and earth. Showed adequately all precious jade person " innovation realizes value " mental pursuit.
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