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Fort of nest of Xinjiang Urumqi ground International Airport brief introduction

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Urumqi International Airport is located in fort of nest of ground of northwest of environs of Urumqi of metropolis of The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, be apart from the urban district 16 kilometers. Urumqi airport is formerly in Su Min uses aviation airport, approval of classics the State Council undertook distensible dimensions extend in July 1970. Built 1973 and open to the outside world, it is one of 5 big door airports of Chinese.
Urumqi International Airport is a country civil one class airport, only then built 1939. The extend that experienced several times up to now from 1950 and add are built. Ceng Jishen of International Airport of the Urumqi at the beginning of 80 time at the whole nation one of 4 big International Airports, but rise abruptly quickly of a few new airports as home and the extend of airport of Xinjiang churchyard branch line, urumqi International Airport already cannot satisfy Xinjiang reforming and opening and the need that economy grows. In April 1994, classics country approves project approving, the Urumqi International Airport that always invests 1.953 billion yuan revises extend project formal break earth. Changed extend first phase project to be used through check and accept and be being thrown with what area of Wu of flight, machine is earth in August 1998.
In April 1999, the building of new boat station that invests 640 million yuan is formal start working, invest 640 million yuan build boat station building floor area 47800 square metre, trestle 630 meters, of all kinds and advanced equipment 2253 (cover) , among them the large entrance equipment such as machine of cold water of footpath of staircase of French baggage processing system, Austria, United States 34, parking lot of corresponding form a complete set 50429 square metre, afforest area 51560 square metre. The project is checked and accept through the country at formal in December 2001 complete, investment tried in Feburary 2002 move.
New boat station building can arrange E at the same time kind wide body seat number 2, d kind narrow system plane seat number 6, whole structure is " T " model 2 half inside corridor type construction, thing corridor is 400 meters long, central hall is entered deep 81 meters, hall of harbor of pass in and out combines function and result faultlessly, capacious and bright, created have fasten the individual character space at other airport, was full of the terrain distinguishing feature of Xinjiang and humanitarian breath. This builds great of imposing manner extensive, modelling is chic, look down at from inside the sky, just like brace up the swan that the wing flies. One is approach area, 2 are a port area. 2004, the airport leaves a port 2 layers hall enables open mode to be worth machine bar, the passenger is in random can deal with the formalities that register before a bar. Three-layer is area of have a rest, spreading the table of tablecloth of green white grid, coco model and move the coffee of quietly elegant of quiet and beautiful is sweet, here is an one's own little world that the passenger releases journey exhaustion.
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