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Zhengzhou goes to Shenzhen special offer airline ticket 420

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Zhengzhou is hit to Shenzhen lose airline ticket 420 yuan rise,

Ticket amount is limited, book as soon as possible please. Domestic airline ticket shifts to an earlier date as far as possible please 15-30 day is booked, organic meeting enjoys 2.5-4 to lose special offer privilege.
Advisory hot line: 4Net of airline ticket of Henan of 006 729 789.0371-65922599, true-blue serve for you. . . The expert of special offer airline ticket beside you.

Shenzhen Baoan International Airport is located in Pearl River mouth east on the Campagna of a seaside of the bank, geographical coordinate is the east longitude 113. 49 ' , north latitude 22. 36 ' , distance Shenzhen urban district 32 kilometers, field is extensive, headroom condition is admirable, can rise for large customer cargo aircraft fall, accord with large International Airport to run a level, shenzhen Baoan International Airport executes 24 hours of moving services.
Shenzhen Baoan International Airport is Chinese churchyard the modern international airport of sea of the first implementation, land, empty through traffic, also be the International Airport that Chinese churchyard uses pass through the territory of a country the first times to carry kind, overland wide difficult highway, machine carries on his shoulder or back city of freeway and Hong Kong of link of 107 nations line, Macao, Guangzhou, Dongguan, benefit, Zhongshan and Zhuhai, the airport owns the guest freight commercial and transportation center of kiloton class berth, sea route passes join of Hovercraft and Hong Kong, Macao, Zhuhai, there is helicopter join Hong Kong, Macao in sky, condition of market scanty movement is very advantageous, come-and-go can use the simplest way to rise to fall and undertake guest freight is made here at the aerostat between Hong Kong and world each district, the airport is right of customer money run management to use international current practice, mix quickly most inside the territory in offerring convenience service. The area of Pearl River delta that Shenzhen Baoan International Airport develops one of the rapiddest 3 big heartland with Chinese economy is rely on, having natural resources of substantial aviation customer money and top-ranking hardware and software, it is the good choice that an any airline fly to China.
Shenzhen Baoan International Airport covers an area of a face to accumulate kilometer of 110 thousand square, according to People's Republic of China program of civil airport standard designs one form, execute build in installment, first phase construction invests 980 million yuan, 2 period construction invests 900 million yuan, flight division grade is 4E, the airport executes 24 hours of moving services, own track (3400m х 45m) , taxiway each 1, can go up for the world fall since cargo aircraft of the largest customer, gross area of level ground of existing passenger cargo aircraft 588 thousand square metre, halt a seat number 57, among them corridor bridge seat number 24, a, B awaits machine building gross area twice 146 thousand square metre, can satisfy year of passenger handling capacity the requirement of 16 million person-time, parking space 2000, have year of processing goods 300 thousand tons aviation goods station and passenger of condition of Guangdong province discrepancy's most dock.
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