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Zhengzhou arrives airline ticket of big talk special offer 700

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Zhengzhou is hit to big talk special offer lose airline ticket 3 tuck up, ticket amount is limited, book as soon as possible please. Domestic airline ticket shifts to an earlier date as far as possible please 15-30 day is booked, organic meeting enjoys 2.5-4 to lose special offer privilege. Advisory hot line: 4Net of airline ticket of Henan of 006 729 789.0371-65922599, true-blue serve for you. . . The expert of special offer airline ticket beside you.

Big talk is beautiful orchid the International Airport is located in Hainan to visit big talk town, register capital now 470 million yuan of RMBs, legal person represents Zhang Cong. Partner unit has big talk beauty orchid the International Airport is finite limited company of group of Inc. of aviation of airport of Copenhagen of liability company, Denmark, Hainan, Hai Hang 4.
The International Airport manages United States orchid main limits is: For transportation enterprises of domestic and international aviation, over- harbor and turn harbor passenger has offerred harbor and ground to carry a service; Rental await the aviation inside machine building to do business commerce and place, office place provide integrated service; Airport aviation reachs his to assist a gender to invest business; Goods storage is packed reach assemble and unassemble business; Hand in textile of product of report, electron and communication equipment, needle, arts and crafts to taste, deputy food and local speciality are tasted, sale of other food, magazine.
United States orchid the International Airport is domestic trunk airport at present, cover an area of a face to accumulate 583 hectare, the 4E class standard that flight division grade establishs by international Civil Aviation Organization is built, can satisfy the large airlines such as Boeing 747-400 case fall requirement. Track provides system of 2 kinds of of world advanced level lighting that aid boat, communication navigational aid 2 kinds of appearance land system, other boat canal and airport service facilities also achieve international advanced level.
United States orchid International Airport at formal on May 25, 1999 be open to navigation or air traffic, open line in all 95, the course inside its China 84, area course 2, international course 9, with 56 cities be open to navigation or air traffic. Passenger handling capacity achieved seven million and twenty-seven thousand four hundred person-time 2005, in China the rank in civil airport is before 10.
Airport of United States orchid organizes a framework to execute CEO group to run system, chief officer group forms by 6 chief officers: Presiding apparitor (CEO) , presiding and financial officer (CFO) , presiding moving official (COO) , presiding and safe official (CSO) , official of presiding business operation (CCO) , presiding human affairs drills an officer (CHO) .
Airport of United States orchid is " gardens type airport " , the air inside the airport is fresh, attractive scenery, the airport but rate of afforest area afforest amounts to 99.6 % , in August 2000, the pilot unit that airport of United States orchid regards airport of Chinese civil aviaton as reform of contemporary company system began each reform to work in the round, with contemporary company system reform is carrier, it is ligament with capital operation, airport of United States orchid changes oneself remarkable result was obtained since making. On November 18, 2002, hainan is beautiful orchid airport Inc. hands in a success to appear on the market in Hong Kong couplet, the mark is worn pilot reform job gained a success. Total bureau of government of Hainan province people and civil aviaton is right International Airport reform obtains United States orchid achievement gave height the opinion.
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