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Zhengzhou Kunming is hit lose airline ticket 630

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Zhengzhou rises 630 yuan to airline ticket of Kunming special offer.

Ticket amount is limited, book as soon as possible please. Domestic airline ticket shifts to an earlier date as far as possible please 15-30 day is booked, organic meeting enjoys 2.5-4 to lose special offer privilege. Advisory hot line: 4Net of airline ticket of Henan of 006 729 789.0371-65922599, true-blue serve for you. . . The expert of special offer airline ticket beside you.
International Airport of Kunming Wu Jiaba is located in Kunming southeast ministry, it is China one of the busiest international airport fall since the most important international port airport and whole nation, it is airport of hub of Chinese southwest portal.
Kunming airport covers an area of gross area 4297.12 mus. Current, airport dependency home a kind of airport, flight division grade is 4E, track is 3600 meters long, have the communication navigation establishment such as ILS, VOR/DME, NDB, can offer Boeing 747, fall since the type such as empty guest A340. Station level ground and area of aircraft parking area 250 thousand square metre, halt a seat number 49. Gross area of building of airport boat station 76900 square metre, mutual await engine office 17. The design of the passenger handling capacity of building of airport boat station is 10.47 million person-time / year, service function is perfect, set 100 things special dining-room of supermarket of flowers of building of business affairs honoured guest, airport, Chinese and Western, it is a modern airport.
Code of airport of dam of Kunming witch home: 3 word code, KMG
International Airport of Kunming Wu Jiaba has more than 190 line at present, line of its China boundary 12 (inside Singapore, river, Hu Zhiming city, Yang Guang, Wu Ge, kuala lumpur, add Er to answer each, Maerdafu, Bangkok, Abuzabi, area course two (Hong Kong, Macao) .
Up to now, share airline of freight of more than 30 domestic and international guests to garrison Kunming, among them, home has include a country boat, Dong Hang, Na Hang wait for more than 10 inside, abroad includes air of Singapore airline, full day aviation of airline, Thailand, Japan quickens aviation, United Arab Emirates to combine airline to wait for history of more than 20 airline

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