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Zhengzhou arrives 3 inferior special offer airline ticket 850

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Zhengzhou arrives 3 inferior special offer airline ticket 4 tuck up.
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3 inferior phoenix International Airport, IATA code SYX, be located in Hainan to visit Hainan island 3 inferior the village of fold town phoenix of north of city Chinese and Western, be apart from east 3 inferior downtown makes an appointment with 14 kilometers, beauty spot of travel of westing the remotest corners of the earth 5 kilometers.
3 inferior phoenix International Airport builds in June 1994, formal on July 1 be open to navigation or air traffic. Since be open to navigation or air traffic, in successive years made sure safe battalion carries, passenger traffic volume year increase by degrees on average rate be as high as 40% , passenger handling capacity was broken through 2005 3 million; Normal ratio reachs the flight number 99.8% , first what all reside countrywide civil aviaton. In June 2002, the 4th big aviation of Chinese group -- Hai Hang group recombines phoenix airport, from now on phoenix airport is all-around the efficient management system of contemporary to receiving company, group of boat of study practice sea " complete sincerity, to be apt to, to essence of life, to the beauty " reach " sincere letter, outstanding achievement, innovation " concept of advanced company culture, begin to make " intertropical seaside goes vacationing International Airport " brand. Safe production situation is smooth and orderly, carriage production is strong grow, service quality promotes in the round. In a few years after recombining, phoenix airport is acted on catch service of safe, actor, efficient tenet, through indefatigable effort, obtained the result that your person fixes eyes upon, management outstanding achievement and service quality get fast, comprehensive promotion, be reached broad passenger by cooperative airline reputably. Total bureau of boat of the countryman in attending first 2004 " passenger word civil aviaton " appraise through comparison is folded " user satisfaction is high grade award " laurel. Had the honor to win again 2005 " passenger word civil aviaton " airport service quality is top award -- " airport ground serves outstanding award " , the top prize that this is quality of service of ground of Chinese civil aviaton. Of the same age still was had the honor to win early or late " enterprise of satisfaction of user of 2005 whole nations " , "Honor of satisfaction of user of 2005 whole nations accomplishs a gold prize " , "Unit of credit of countrywide sincere letter " wait for award of many states level; Be in province city is in successive years more inside limits be judged to be for many times " satisfaction of Hainan province user serves an unit " , " 3 inferior city safe production is advanced unit " etc. 3 inferior phoenix International Airport is domestic trunk airport, already opened line at present 106, the course inside its China 103, international area secures line 3, travel temporarily charter flight course more than 20; With 63 cities be open to navigation or air traffic, the city inside its China 38, area city 2, international city 23. The airport year all increase rate of handling capacity of mail of passenger, goods is as high as 40% , the airport is built 2 period the project is thrown from 2006 use, predict to 2008 passenger handling capacity amounts to 6 million person-time. Phoenix airport covers an area of a face to accumulate 463.32 hectare, track is 3400 meters long, 60 meters wide, flight division area 3937.576 mus, flight division grade is the 4E class standard that international Civil Aviation Organization establishs, aircraft parking area but at the same time safe place 21 large and medium-sized plane. The I that provides world advanced level kind system of the lighting that aid boat, II kind nicety lands into close appearance the crucial equipment such as the system, can satisfy Boeing 747, 400 wait for large airlines to carry a falling requirement completely; Safeguard is strong, can be Boeing 747, 767, 777, empty guest 340, 300 large fall since wide body provide safe and significant safeguard measure. Besides for transportation enterprises of domestic and international aviation, over- harbor and turn harbor passenger has offerred harbor and ground to carry a service outside, the management project of phoenix airport still includes: Manage, rental await the aviation inside machine building to do business commerce and place, office place, provide integrated service; Airport aviation and its support features invest business; Money of customer of aviation of international, home sale agent business, storage, pack, assemble and unassemble porterage Wu; Tourism; Estate development is managed; Domestic business, food supplies industry of course of study, supply and marketing of goods and materials; Advisory service line of business; Elevator maintenance; Finished product oil is managed etc. Current, 3 inferior already open the 3rd, 4, 5 boat counterpoise, to airliner of battalion carry international, area, serve for airliner of international, area, and the enterprise such as the sale of freight, storage, express will offer sum subsidy; Orgnaization of permanent of industry of the aviation outside the area that Hainan visits, can press do foreign capital enterprise newly to enjoy policy of privilege of taxation of Hainan special economic zone; The passenger that enters a country to going out via Hainan change trains, goods can enjoy the freight rate privilege of certain level; The citizen that has foreign relations state with our country holds common passport to be able to be dealt with in Hainan port " be born visa " , the group passenger of partial country, execute inside 15 days " avoid visa " . 3 inferior the international aviation position of rich, distinctive travel resource and phoenix airport, for 3 inferior aviation travel market created capacious development vacuum. As Hainan the 3rd, 4, what 5 boat counterpoise is open, " Nanhai area control " turn over 3 inferior, 3 inferior of international air route open, and the airline outside encouraging Hainan to save, abroad airline is garrisoned 3 inferior wait for a series of favourable policy come on stage, more dash forward showed 3 inferior the special advantage of phoenix International Airport, 3 inferior the international aviation carriage position of phoenix International Airport and latent capacity are more outstanding. Phoenix airport the flight transfer that work up makes Southern China, equipment falls hub, build favorable management environment and vast market space for broad client. 3 inferior phoenix International Airport will develop with the prosperity of aviation travel market and important aviation carries hub position, make the world especially the window with Asia-Pacific new area.
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