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Zhengzhou rises 99 yuan to airline ticket of Shanghai special offer

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Airline ticket of Zhengzhou Shanghai special offer 99 yuan.
Ticket amount is limited, book as soon as possible please. Domestic airline ticket shifts to an earlier date as far as possible please 15-30 day is booked, organic meeting enjoys 2.5-4 to lose special offer privilege. Advisory hot line: 4Net of airline ticket of Henan of 006 729 789.0371-65922599, true-blue serve for you. . . The expert of special offer airline ticket beside you.
The airport that Pudong International Airport is located in southeast of Pudong new developed area to carry is pressed down and south the Zhu Qiao that collect a county presses down churchyard, be close to the East China Sea, cover an area of a face to accumulate 32 square kilometer, be apart from downtown people square 30 kilometers. First phase project invests 12 billion yuan of RMBs, october 1997 start working, built in September 1999. New airport advocate building construction shell is just as volant giant mew, have very strong times sense and indicative sense, area 278 thousand square metre, be building of station of boat of rainbow bridge airport 3 times much, can provide service relying on the bridge for 36 planes at the same time, set 13 baggage rotary table, can contented year 126 thousand fall sortie, year the passenger discharge of 20 million person-time is mixed the demand of volume of year of 750 thousand tons of goods. Can rise fall the large airlines of any model on eye preexistence bound. The airport 2 period project with was a target 2005, will build a 4000 meters runway, the building of new boat station of 800 thousand square metre and 4 north and south of high level to track. After the airport builds completely, will achieve year take in and send out in large quantities passenger 70 million person-time, handling capacity of content of special purchases for the Spring Festival 5 million tons level, for Shanghai the development of new century lays next foundations.
Pudong International Airport go up to allow a tourist exclusively to enter conning tower of boat station empty shop with the world the open sex of the building and grand imposing manner, become sightseeing modernization quickly the travel heat of large airport.
Go sightseeing to Pudong International Airport, what have distinguishing feature most is to be in command center to look fall since the plane. Station level ground attempers the center is airport ground direct attempers center. Enter this center the sightseeing platform of 6 buildings, look down at a group of planes that awaits machine building, runway, aircraft parking area, the heroic posture when close quarters watchs air bus to taking a needle to the banging song of severe takes off and descend, it is a kind of experience that cannot get in other airport
Traffic: Set out from Pudong airport, along line of the highway that welcome guest, outer shroud Pu Daqiao crossing Xu goes to rainbow bridge airport to need 45 minutes only; Walk along line of far east highway, Long Dong highway, core to cross Na Pu big bridge needs 40 minutes only to people square. Car of line for special use of 6 Pudong airport sends past rainbow bridge respectively railway station of field of center of exhibition of International Airport, Shanghai, Xu Jiahui and rainbow bridge developing zone, 5 horn and rainbow mouth stadium, Shanghai and Shanghai west station, the closest be less than 1 hour, 1 farthermost half hours can be arrived at. Project of train of in suspension of magnetism of Pudong International Airport has been started, after building 2003, to the subway from the airport in relief road of 2 lines dragon stands to need 6 minutes only.
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