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Zhengzhou Shanghai arrives Bulisibante valence international airline ticket

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The airport: Pudong Pudong
Destination city: Bulisi class BRISBANE
Airline: Singapore aviation SINGAPORE AIRLINES
Weekly: Daily
Airliner: SQ BNE
Only then hair time: Incoming telegram inquiry
Arrive at time: Incoming telegram inquiry
One-way price: /
Double Cheng price: 5400
Remarks: Airline ticket cannot return a ticket / cannot sign turn / cannot change a course / cannot accumulate journey of course of development to cannot change airliner and date not to have children price / the airline ticket route that without infantile price this fare sells is not OK OPEN. The return trip allows to answer Shanghai only. Australian journey circuitry allows mouth travel. Singapore cling to li island circuitry, the briefest retention period is 2 days, the longest retention period is 7 days. Circuitry of Maldives, Australia, the briefest retention period is 2 days, the longest retention period is 30 days. Bring report in detail: International ministry hot line: 4Ministry of country of 006 729 789: 0371*65922599
Since Zhengzhou is proud side aviation serves limited company to hold water oneself, order the ticket, excellent service that sends a ticket to come the belief that depends on sincerity, freely, development is become today the widest inside Henan sale limits, service scale is the largest, the large civil aviaton with the strongest comprehensive strength serves one of industries. Dial 0371-61692222 of the hot line that order a ticket, you can be enjoyed be proud side employee offers your lowest price, the most excellent service, inside Zhengzhou city send a bill freely, the airport before Zhengzhou city is dilettante sends a bill freely. 0371*61692222,, order ticket QQ: 584736113. Carry out home is Cheng of one-way, couplet, roundtrip Cheng airline ticket, airline ticket of Zhengzhou home international, zhengzhou airliner inquires, airline ticket of Zhengzhou special offer, zhengzhou is hit lose plane ticket, zhengzhou airport airliner inquires, the phone is ordered, group, conference, come to serve, affirm freely, inside Zhengzhou city send a ticket freely 0371-61692222,

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