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Zhengzhou arrives an airline ticket of special offer of Er Ren Chuan

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Ticket amount is limited, book as soon as possible please. Domestic airline ticket shifts to an earlier date as far as possible please 15-30 day is booked, organic meeting enjoys 2.5-4 to lose special offer privilege. Advisory hot line: 4Net of airline ticket of Henan of 006 729 789.0371-65922599, true-blue serve for you. . . The expert of special offer airline ticket beside you.
Head International Airport of Er Ren Chuan (IATA: ICN, ICAO: RKSI) is the civil airport with the biggest Korea, also be an Asia among them one of the biggest airports, enabled 2001.
Ren Chuan International Airport is big Han aviation and Han Yahang's vacant main key position, at the beginning of 2001 enable formally, replace the international line position of airport of old riverside having gold. Golden riverside airport basically is used for domestic flight number now, eliminate the airliner exclusion that flies to Tokyo Haneda airport. Ren Chuan International Airport is the aviation hub of international passenger transport and freight, it is the 6th the busiest International Airport of Asian. Association of Swiss Geneva International Airport (ACI)2006 year with the investigation 2007, ren Chuan International Airport is obtained two years continuously " the whole world serves optimal airport " the first.
Ren Chuan International Airport
Airport type is common commerce
Enable date to served urban head Er 2001
Urban distance
Height above sea level 7 meters
Airport code
Latitudinal longitude
28 ′ of 37 ° 126 ° of 08 ″ 01 ″ of 27 ′
Directional length surface
Foot rice
15R/33L 12, 303 3, 750 concrete / bitumen
15L/33R 12, 303 3, 750 concrete / bitumen
Urban join traffic
Ren Chuan International Airport is located in an Er with on the west, build the Yeongjong island of Yu Renchuan city, adjacent Yellow Sea. The airport and head Er joins with 130 freeways, have the bus with order close frequency and ferry join airport and Korea each district. And the freeway of International Airport of join Ren Chuan and golden riverside airport already also was enabled, the passenger of a favourable turn that is international and domestic flight number offers bigger convenience, more can railroad joined 2007 two airports, reach an Er subway the 5th line provides a service, railroad service will be lengthened in January 2010 to Shou Eryi

Passenger transport
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