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Beijing arrives Osaka is one-way airline ticket / airline ticket going there and

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Beijing arrives Osaka is one-way airline ticket / 2008.11.1-09.03.31 of airline ticket going there and back

Beijing - Osaka is one-way: 1280 yuan go there and back: 1700 yuan

Above special offer goes back and forth between period of efficacy to be a month, the return trip does not get OPEN.
Cost of change the date of above special offer is 300 yuan, course of name ancient house is 400 yuan. Cost of return a ticket is: 800 yuan.

If be a student studying abroad, baggage can enjoy specified number of 30KG free baggage (code shares airliner except) . Need to add visa of student studying abroad or admission notice photocopy at the back of financial couplet.
When selling class of all classics suspend air or shipping service, the guest must travel according to the range that states on passenger ticket, do not allow midway to abandon Cheng.
This freight rate does not have children discount, infantile fare is pressed announce freight rate 10% computation.

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