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Beijing arrives Singapore is one-way airline ticket / boat of country of airline

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Beijing arrives Singapore is one-way airline ticket / 2008.10.10-12.31 of boat of country of airline ticket going there and back
Beijing comes Singapore is one-way: 2050 yuan go there and back: 2750 yuan (1 person) 2650 yuan (2 people above)

Order ahead of schedule / give a bill
Order: Go Cheng must decide cabin seat or berth of appropriate sales promotion, the return trip does not allow OPEN.
Give bill time limit: Tag in order to revise a system to allow.
The longest retention
14 days. Go Cheng the first boat paragraph begin viatic date to begin viatic date the latest what to the return trip Cheng of cent of the last midway nods.
Freight rate combination: Regular with the strictest to allow.
This product boat space allows 1/2RT combination to use.
Go cabin seat or berth of above of Cheng calm appropriate, the combination of 1/2RT of price of Asia-Pacific course other that the return trip allows to be permitted with the condition is used.
Allow with outside combination of apportion of Duan Zhengchang scale, SPA uses boat boat.
Do not allow with the country combination of fare of scale of Cheng of manifest of boat country economy is used.
Change charge
Change airliner or date of one's own accord:
Go Cheng does not allow change the date, the return trip is in appropriate of decided at the higher level but not officially announced of the longest retention is identical cabin seat or berth, every time collection change the date expends CNY500,
Change cabin seat or berth of one's own accord:
Child change of cabin seat or berth: Do not allow.
Rise cabin: Do not allow.
Lengthen the longest retention of one's own accord: Do not allow.
Freewill return a ticket:
Passenger ticket did not use completely: Collection return a ticket expends CNY1000, remaining sum returns a passenger.
Passenger ticket part uses: The day that begins from the journey rises, inside 12 months can return a ticket, deduct already used boat paragraph one-way sale price, deduct cost of CNY1000 return a ticket again, remaining sum returns a passenger.
(A) only boat of SPA of the boat outside remnant paragraph return a ticket: Do not allow return a ticket.
(B) uses only outside boat SPA boat paragraph: Do not allow return a ticket.
If buy return a ticket of GV2 fare passenger, when odd passenger number is not worth 2 people, beard collection return a ticket expends CNY1000/ person, fill neat with 1
The balance of person price.
Discount of children, baby
(1) adult accompanies children discount: Not applicable. (2) accompanies children discount without the adult: Not applicable. (3) does not have an infantile discount: Not applicable.
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