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The baggage volume on the plane restricts a regulation

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The weight that consigns baggage cannot exceed 50 kilograms every, bulk cannot exceed 40*60*100 centimeter, exceed the baggage of afore-mentioned regulations, must ask for those who get airline to agree with ability to consign beforehand. Provide for oneself the weight of baggage cannot exceed 10 kilograms, bulk does not exceed 20*40*55 every centimeter. Carry the weight of article, every passenger with 5 kilograms of in the limit of. Hold the passenger of passenger ticket of first-class stateroom cabin, everybody can carry two article. Every volume that carries article all must not exceed 20*40*55 centimeter. More than afore-mentioned weight, of number or bulk limitation carry article, should serve as consign baggage. Each airline is very not identical to the regulation of weight of international airliner baggage.
The free baggage forehead of every passenger (include to consign and provide for oneself baggage) : Domestic flight number holds an adult or the passenger of first-class stateroom cabin of children ticket is 40 kilograms, official cabin passenger is 30 kilograms, tourist class passenger is 20 kilograms. The passenger that opposes infantile bill does not have free baggage forehead. Each airline is free to international airliner the provision of baggage forehead is very not same. The domestic boat that makes international carry paragraph, the free baggage forehead of every passenger presses applicable international line computation of free baggage forehead.
The passenger weighs baggage to deal with even more to weigh baggage cost to even more, even more of domestic flight number weighs baggage cost to lead the 1.5 % computation that presses tourist class fare with every kilograms, amount with yuan for the unit. Cost of heavy to international airliner even more baggage leads each airline and computational method is not same, the passenger must be dealt with by each airline regulation.

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