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Safety of the baggage when seizing the opportunity hints

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To ensure your belongings is safe, avoid to produce involuntary discharge of urine to become estranged by pilfer incident, make sure you go out travel is successful, civil aviaton police hints to you hereby:
One, do not carry a large number of cash to go out as far as possible row;
2, if you must carry a large number of cash and valuable, ask you to be carried and appropriate is custodial, do not make use or entrust other to keep;
3, in flight route, it is good to ask you to notice to keep your property, cash and valuable keep as far as possible, do not put inside the boot that is far from you;
4, flip through like somebody baggage, ask you to want to care, prevent other fault to break up, the baggage that the fault takes you;
5, before deplaning, check your cash and valuable in time please, if discover a problem,get in touch in time with unit staff please.

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