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Singapore airline baggage sets (SQ)

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Singapore airline baggage sets (SQ)
One, consign baggage (Asia - Australia) write down heavy:
1, passenger of first-class stateroom cabin can take: 40 kilograms
2, official cabin passenger can take: 30 kilograms
3, tourist class passenger can take: 20 kilograms
4, impediment measure: 3 edges the sum must not exceed every baggage 158cm (long wide tall)
5, student / mariner / service bill allows to carry 15 kilograms of baggage more. (20 kilograms still are hit on airline ticket)
2, portable baggage
1, tourist class passenger is portable a portable baggage: 7 kilograms, , 3 edges the sum must not exceed baggage 115cm
2, passenger of first-class stateroom cabin, official cabin passenger is portable 2 portable baggage: 7 kilograms, every baggage 3 edges the sum
Must not exceed 115cm
3, regulation of baggage of student studying abroad
1, consign baggage: Can take 35 kilograms to consign baggage, 3 edges the sum must not exceed every baggage 158cm
2, portable baggage: Can take computer of 7 kilograms of notebook, 3 edges the sum must not exceed 115cm
4, overweight fine
1, consign baggage: One kilogram exceeds to collect fees toward Singapore before 94 RMBs, a kilogram of collection overweights toward Australia before
RMB 230 yuan
2, portable baggage: Must not overweight, overweight by consign baggage

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