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Baggage of condition of International Airport discrepancy sets

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Baggage carries a provision
Brittle and important file and data, diplomatic pouch, negotiable securities, money, bill of exchange, valuable, perishable article, need the goods of in charge of of person specially assigned for a task with etc, must not consign inside sandwich baggage. Carrier to consigning the carry secretly inside baggage the losing of afore-mentioned article and attaint do not assume responsibility.
The contraband goods that the country provides, limitation carries article, dangerous article, and the other goods that has peculiar smell or easy blemish plane, cannot serve as baggage or consign inside sandwich baggage. In carrier is receiving moving Li Qian or carrying a process, in discovering baggage, contain any article that must not serve as baggage or carry inside sandwich baggage, can reject to control use or stop at any time carry.

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