The International Airport makes Zhengzhou new Zheng cheap aviation hub is intens

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The airport of appropriate of Singapore camphor tree that the plan becomes a shareholder talks well recently

Still brought this " nimble star " and " Feng Hu " airline of two low cost
Afterwards our newspaper reports first times " new Zheng International Airport desire allied Singapore airport of camphor tree appropriate " later, the reporter holds in Zhengzhou from yesterday " policy of airline of low cost of Chinese · Singapore and administrative seminar " go up know, national civil aviation bureau invites airport of appropriate of Singapore camphor tree this senior manager, and come from Singapore " nimble star " and " Feng Hu " controller of airline of two low cost will be Zhengzhou airport spot to impart experience, support Zhengzhou airport to make domestic head home energetically cheap the airport.
Zhengzhou will enable domestic head home this year in March cheap aviation awaits machine building
The relevant personage that according to coming from bureau of Chinese civil aviation the program manages introduces, age aviation will be in this year in March the International Airport opened new Zheng domestic head home is cheap aviation awaits machine building, operation is at present good, this makes domestic head home for Zhengzhou airport exert oneself cheap the airport lays next solid foundations, in view of airport of near future Zhengzhou and Asia " amphibious (cheap aviation and traditional aviation coexist development) " the airport of appropriate of Singapore camphor tree that achieves best management mode becomes a shareholder to talk with respect to bilateral collaboration very joyous, reason puts this meeting in Zhengzhou to hold.

Airline of two Singapore low cost marchs of purpose Henan

On the informal discussion, come from airport of appropriate of national civil aviation bureau, Singapore camphor tree, and come from domestic head home cheap airline of two of aerial age aviation, Singapore low cost " nimble star " and " Feng Hu " relevant controller is consistent think, zhengzhou regards China as main traffic hub city, its civil aviaton industry grows opposite railroad, highway for slow a lot of, airport of Zhengzhou of the end of the year changed extend to end last year, can satisfy passenger handling capacity 12 million person-time, age aviation and Dong Xinghang empty near future will be entered be stationed in Zhengzhou to offer base airline, in view of the area that takes off not to exceed to range of domestic aleatoric town 3 hours from Zhengzhou advantage, run course of Zhengzhou airport country by age aviation, "Nimble star " and " Feng Hu " management international course, make Zhengzhou airport become China can yet be regarded as of best airport of Cheng of change trains couplet is optimal foreground.

Flourish of love of king of International Airport vise general manager expresses new Zheng, with cheap aviation promotes harbor of traditional aviation hub, it is the fixed position with Zhengzhou hub best harbor. Pull move Zhengzhou airport to develop quickly, must increase passenger handling capacity hard. They are in recently and much home of abroad is cheap airline negotiates, match this in national civil aviation bureau below, airport of appropriate of Singapore camphor tree is taking Singapore " nimble star " and " Feng Hu " airline of two low cost comes Zhengzhou imparts experience, march of purpose market of Henan civil aviaton, what remain at present is the problem of bilateral cooperation agreement only, believe domestic passenger chooses to be in Zhengzhou airport day of domestic and international aleatoric city middling finger can wait for change trains.
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