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Rectification of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport from the controversial "CAA": do not change the design on the termination 华夏经纬网 November 12 News: According to Taiwan media, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1 renovation dispute, "Traffic" has been identified design changes, "CAA," said the Japanese group responsible for design and construction of buildings Ji Yan Today, the team must respond, continuing to work to change the design or termination. According to reports, "the Civil Aviation Authority" with the group from August Yan Ji construction team communication, hope to force originally planned to remove pre-beam and split some of the rain shelter, due to security concerns, can change the design, but building the team adhere to the original design, and to ensure Security is no problem; However, "the CAA" to invite Taiwan to learn to assess the structure, still considered a security concern, "Traffic" also supports design changes. "CAA" Yan 7th century to the mission team sent to notify the building and asked to respond in the 12th, made safe and feasible design changes, if they do not respond, the two sides still no consensus or make changes to the program is still not feasible, the contract termination . Originally expected to be completed by August next year, the appearance of part of the end of next year before the completion of the internal conversion. "CAA" assessment, even if the termination due to changes in design, renovation has managed to be completed on schedule.
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