Beijing ticket sales EMU fire outage

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Yesterday, Shenyang to Beijing between 11 pairs of EMU trains collective "rest" day, which is to open in 2007, Shenyang, Beijing EMU since the first comprehensive outage. Cause outages because the train running in the Beijing-Harbin section of the Qin-Shen line interchange construction, the next train speed or will thus be improved. Affected by the construction of the train, not only to Beijing's motor car, as well as to Shanghai, Jinan, Taiyuan, such as the direction of all motor car, as well as other parts of the train, a total of 49 trains. Shenyang to Beijing, but sub-K54, K96 train not affected by the construction. Today, Shenyang North Station all motor car will resume running, but on December 16 -20 days, and some trains to the development time, running routes and stops will change by. Railway authorities reminded passengers that tickets must pay attention to the train after the departure time, if different from the previous travel time, must be printed on par based on the time. Outage affected by the motor car, Shenyang to Beijing flights between hot up. Day before yesterday, the reporter has several ticket outlets call the telephone booking, ticketing officers are said December 15 in Shenyang to Beijing between the air tickets have been sold out. Compared to the hot ticket, Shenyang to Beijing's long-distance passenger train outage did not benefit.
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