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Take the basic common sense of the plane

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The plane is a kind of convenient and quick vehicle. Carry according to the newspaper, from 1996 since, in the friend that Sichuan province works to the other place, already having more and more people is to take a plane to go out to work or come home spend the New Year. Understand a few basic general knowledge that take a plane, for the friend that to going out Wu is versed in, be very be necessary.

With buy train ticket and car ticket photograph to compare, can saying to buy plane ticket is more convenient, in majority big in carry out ticket nods the plane bill that there are a lot of couplet nets in the city, dots of some be commissioned to sell sth are returned in a lot of guesthouse, restaurant. What need reminds is, buy the id card that him hold needs when plane ticket.

The procedures that takes a plane to need to deal with is more complex. So, had better take the time that board the plane some more comfortably off, lest have not enough time,have safe examination and by accident plane. According to the regulation, before board the plane, the passenger reachs all baggage article that its carry, must accept safe inspection, reject scrutator not to allow to board the plane. Its purpose basically is the article that reachs other to endanger flight security likely to prevent firearms, ammo, danger to taste by the plane on the belt.

Enter a plane inside, the category that buys airline ticket according to place and seat sign are entered hind, do not ambulate casually, wants drink, the press, steward can send actively to the front of the seat. Inside the engine room of the plane, forbid smoking, also must not make a mobile telephone. Because aboard makes a mobile telephone, the electric wave that its emit may disturb the plane normal communication in flight process and navigation signal, affect safe flight thereby.

Take off in the plane, descend and plane happening jolt, when shaking, want to fasten good safety belt. If feel the body is unwell, answer to be contacted in time with steward, they can offer answered way.

In facilities of equipment of put out a fire of the stock inside the engine room of the plane, oxygen equipment and urgent export, in the flight, steward is met introduce the use method of these establishment to the passenger and set an example, but these establishment can be only when plane happening emergency, by unit staff constituent passenger is used.

If aboard encounters what problem or what thing, can look for steward directly, it is us what say usually " air hostess " , they can be you to offer warmth solve and help.

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