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Airport of Guangzhou white cloud hunts down a starting gun in aerogram

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In new network Guangzhou on March 12 report (Guo Jun Hu Yejun) this morning, one is hunted down to send your handgun in the air mail that branch of check of goods of airport of Guangzhou white cloud sends past Changsha in Guangzhou, this is goods check branch intercepts and capture this kind of article from inside aerogram first. Current, incident still is being examined further in.

In the morning 6 when make, check of goods of white cloud airport member when undertaking checking to sending the express air mail toward Changsha, discover on the indication screen of X smooth machine among them the carry secretly in an aerogram begins gun shape is doubtful article, the member that install check undertook leaving wrapping checking to this aerogram jointly with postal branch, the result confirms to there is to send your handgun inside postal parcel. " safety of civil aviation of People's Republic of China guards byelaw " regulation: Prohibit passenger general firearms (include to emulate a handgun) , for military use or alarm in providing kind of article to be placed in mail with instrument, consign. Finally, the personnel that install check turns over postal parcel and firearms airport public security bureau to examine processing.

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