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The secret of airline ticket of privilege of teachers and students is bought in

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A few small " recipe " :

It is to be on the arrangement that gives a time, teachers and students should increase " escape fastigium " consciousness, or in advance or after pushing, go out row. For example, the airport leaves a port fastigium will come on Feburary 2 on Feburary 11, measure of ballot of privilege of teachers and students is less during this, buy difficulty bigger; And the amount of airline ticket of teachers and students of the airliner is relatively some more before Feburary 2.

2 it is teachers and students avoids as far as possible on the choice of course heat is cold.

3 it is airline to satisfy spring carry passenger demand, use mostly time undertakes overwork flying in the evening, this time paragraph airliner teachers and students buys favourable airline ticket more easily.

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