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Had viatic a place difficult of access, still need aviation accident a place dif

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Although viatic insurance and aviation accident danger are right the accident in journey provides safeguard, but both still have a lot of differences.

The most crucial is its safeguard deadline is different: With friendly nation the journey is sure to be exemple, this journey insurance provides global safeguard of 24 hours for whole trip; And what aviation accident ensures nearly is plane of tourist pass in and out the risk inside this paragraph of time, this goes out to any for tourist, it is far insufficient, if he is in,travel tourist attraction produces an accident, aviation accident insurance is helpless. And the person be protectinged with friendly nation safe journey, no matter be,be being returned in taken plane is road in other encounter an accident anyplace, can win compensation.

Cast the person that protect friendly nation journey to be sure, if individual insurance cost amounts to 50 yuan, if what multiply class to be hijacked, the period of efficacy of guarantee slip will be lengthened automatically free to the person that be protected; If individual insurance cost amounts to 100 yuan, still can obtain give American international to assist service card, enjoy 24 free hours to inquire a service with the global phone with mandarin or respondent English.

Of course, it is OK still to had sent the visitor that protected viatic insurance reelection buys aviation accident a place difficult of access, because latter passes not much expenditure to be able to increase the person in journey to ensure greatly, the insurance cost budget that wants policy holder only is enough, can buy completely. For example: A tourist was bought for oneself keeping the specified number is insurance of 200 thousand yuan friendly nation journey and aviation accident insurance each one, so when his aboard encounters an accident highest can win 400 thousand yuan of compensation, and when issueing a plane to encounter an accident in travel tourist attraction highest can win 200 thousand yuan compensation.

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