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Notice of passenger of China International airline

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Respectable passenger:
Passenger ticket is us or the electronic passenger ticket that our accredit agent signs and issue or be called " passenger ticket and luggage check " proof.
Electronic passenger ticket is by us or couplet of the journey sheet that our accredit agent signs and issue, electron and seize the opportunity applicably likely proof.
2, passenger ticket period of efficacy
The passenger ticket period of efficacy of regular fare travels first oneself since begun day, carry inside a year effective; If passenger ticket was not used entirely, the sun that signs and issue from passenger ticket rises, carry inside a year effective. The passenger ticket period of efficacy of special type fare, the period of efficacy of the admission fee of this special type that sets according to us is calculated.
3, ticket price
Ticket price is the aviation carriage price that shows the passenger reachs destination airport by airport of ground setting out, do not include the ground transport costs between the airport and urban district. Certain the passenger ticket that sells with discount price has use limitation requirement, if do not get return a ticket, change the date, lot,turn. When you buy a ticket, notice fare use condition please, the choice suits your fare most.
4, imposition and charge
The tax payment that government, authority concerned or airport operator collect or charge do not include to be in fare, this imposition or charge should pay by you.
5, children ticket and infantile ticket
Full already two one full year of life are not full the children of 12 one full year of life buys domestic line passenger ticket, by the adult of regular fare 50% pay fee; Divide outside having a regulation additionally, buy international or area course passenger ticket, by the adult of applicable fare 75% pay fee; Without the adult company children fare has a regulation additionally. Not full the baby of two one full year of life presses an adult of regular fare 10% pay fee, do not take one place alone. The detail seeks advice to us please.
6, stroke of electronic passenger ticket is single
Sheet of journey of electronic passenger ticket is the passenger is in what Chinese churchyard buys electronic passenger ticket to pay proof or submit an expense account proof, have the effect of clew passenger journey at the same time. When you buy a ticket or in 7 days of introversion after the airliner takes off we or our accredit agent is asked for. Sheet of journey of electronic passenger ticket cannot repeat print, lose do not grant to reissue.
7, limitation is carried
The person that accompany children, deformity, pregnant woman, sicken without the adult or other need are special the passenger of the service, must inform us beforehand, after agree via us and making corresponding arrangement, fangyu acceptance of consignment. If the passenger is bought,we did not inform to perhaps did not produce relevant proof when the ticket, we have authority to reject to carry.
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