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Railroad " 5 vertical 5 horizontal strokes " hopeful of Niu Chunyun of program Z

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Besides the stone Wu Ke of start working carries yesterday outside special railway line, special railway line of passenger traffic of railroad of Gansu sea high speed also will traverse Henan, increase original capital line of railroad of sea of wide, Gansu, zhengzhou will become the crossed crossing of special railway line of 4 passenger transport.
At the appointed time, go out by train from Zhengzhou row, 1 half hours arrive Shijiazhuang, 2 hours arrive Xi'an, 3 hours go to Shanghai, 5 hours go to Guangzhou, in a twinkle comes namely, face sends night " time " will become reality.
Add had entered be stationed in new Zheng what be about to create base in Zheng is the aviation of roc of branch line airline of the International Airport, cheap airline year aviation, the traffic advantage of Zhengzhou is more clear, traffic hub position also will consolidate further.
"Spring carry " " one ticket is begged hard " the term of these at present popularity, it is likely inside these a few years, fade out of our eye shot slowly, make historical name.
[the current situation]
Cannot buy berth to celebrate a festival by air by train cannot hit fold
"I am sorry, the sleeper that goes to Beijing does not have a ticket. " though yesterday is not the golden week,also not be spring carry, but yesterday afternoon, mr Yang of Zhengzhou calls to Zhengzhou railway station, want to order the K180 that Zhengzhou will go to Beijing on October 17 second train berth, still did not order. "Think of early, in going to Beijing 10 times can buying berth 1 times to be equivalent to large award. " to Mr Yang character, berth sells be in early expected.
Later, the reporter understands from Zhengzhou railway station, though be everyday life, dan Jinming two days, zhengzhou has made work to the berth of Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing empty.
One ticket begs train sleeper hard, not be Zhengzhou person any more perhaps say Henan person one day two days " painful " .
Not bad at ordinary times, if cannot buy train berth,can consider by air, because off-season hit to what have some of city fold airline ticket price to follow train berth about the same, but catch the golden week or Chun Yunke is miserable, the train does not have a ticket, airline ticket is total value, force so that a lot of people must buy sit ticket even ticket for standing room goes out row.
[look into]
"5 vertical 5 horizontal strokes " Zhengzhou is position of central railroad hub is not had but shake
On September 25, 2005, start working of special railway line of Zheng Xi passenger transport is built, mr Ceng Rangyang such " be away on official business a group of things with common features " glad unceasingly, yesterday the start working of stone fierce special railway line, let again more " Mr Yang " saw a hope.
Wait a moment, good news has not said. As we have learned, in new the Henan railroad that announce plans " 5 vertical 5 horizontal strokes " in, zhengzhou ranks countrywide railroad again " double cross " hub position. "5 vertical " : It is passageway of Beijing wide railroad, include to have Beijing wide line already (Henan paragraph) reach Wuhan to special railway line of Zhengzhou passenger transport, Zhengzhou with the Shijiazhuang that will build passenger transport special railway line (Henan paragraph) ; 2 it is in the anxious willow railroad that build electrification enlarge can be transformed (Henan paragraph) ; 3 it is the Beijing that is about to carry out enlarge can transform 9 railroad electrification (Henan paragraph) ; The 4 carry cities that are a plan and construction, 3 gorge, assist fencing railroad (Henan paragraph) ; The 5 Zhengzhou that are a plan and construction, Chongqing railroad (Henan paragraph) . "5 horizontal strokes " : It is passageway of Gansu sea railroad, include already some Gansu sea railroad (Henan paragraph) come with the Zhengzhou that building special railway line of Xi'an passenger transport (Henan paragraph) , the Zhengzhou that will build comes special railway line of Xuzhou passenger transport (Henan paragraph) ; 2 it is the Hou Ma that is about to carry out enlarge to be able to be transformed, lunar hill, new rural area, He lustre railroad (Henan paragraph) ; 3 it is Xi'an, enlarge of Hefei railroad multiple track can be transformed (Henan paragraph) ; 4 it is the Luoyang that will build, Luo river, mound enlarge can transform electrification of multiple track of in relief railroad (Henan paragraph) ; 5 it is passageway of use of coal of the south in the Shanxi that will build (Henan paragraph) .
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