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The remotest corners of the earth

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Beauty spot of the remotest corners of the earth is located in 3 inferior below the foot of a hill of mountain of skyline town discontinue that the urban district makes an appointment with 23 kilometers, before the hill after the sea, the scenery is distinctive. Enter visit an area, on the beach that pair unpluggingly and those who rise is many meters 10 tall, grow many meters 60 green gray megalith to enter order awesomely. Two stone are engraved respectively have " skyline " and " cape " model of written characters, meaning the brim that is a day, the end of the sea. "The remotest corners of the earth " get a name from this namely. Strange stone " the remotest corners of the earth " and " Na Tianyi column " each are circulating a beautiful story. Water of green jade of here be in harmony, blue sky at monochromatic, mist-covered water vast, sail shadow is nodded. Coconut forest dancing, strange stone forest stands, if the poem is picturesque. Then quarter have " skyline " , " cape " , " Na Tianyi column " , " the sea is sentenced south day " of Nanhai of megalithic hero stand erect bank, for Hainan a special skill.

The problem that guest of acting bookman Chinese ink experiences here is chanted depict, become our country to be full of magical colorific famous tourist attraction. The briny bathhouse inside scene area, diaoyutai reachs the establishment such as maritime houseboat, can view and admire natural scene already, it is to swim good place, have by " ignition stage " , " Wang Haige " , " Huai Suting " the mountain-climbing that comprises with a winding path leading to a secluded spot is mutiple level tourist attraction. By modern building and archaize tradition gardens type builds color photograph one to be united in wedlock " skyline content stockaded village " , " skyline roams classify " , " maritime yacht club " , " skyline gallery " , " garden of skyline nation amorous feelings " , " skyline history celebrity is statuary, too many things to see making a person, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave.

Trace the remotest corners of the earth of more than 1000 years, can't help making popular feeling sour below the tear. Meantime, stay alone abroad, "The bird flies to still need Cheng of half an year " island fining jade, signs of human habitation is exiguous, desolation is desolate, it is imperial court banish " betray civilian " , " go against an official " the ground of convict. Only Tang Song two generation, be come here to have 4 by banish, 50 people, have many famous history people among them, like Tang Dynasty prime minister in feudal China Li Deyu, the Song Dynasty takes the place of an official plum key link, Zhao Ding, Li Guang, Hu Quan. Come here the ground that day of water of barren mountain an out-of-the-way place is linked together, nobody do not cherish the remotest corners of the earth, the feeling that go and returns hard. Did Hu Quan ever bemoan " rugged road of 10 thousand lis of skyline? Weed barren smoke is breaking spirit. " Li Deyu endows with a poem to say: "Green hill is like be about to leave a person to live, 100 greet artery to circle county town. " , " go to 10 thousand lis, thousand do not return; Does cliff city know where? Unripe cross danger sopt. " the rough experience of forefathers, the express feeling hair of guest of Chinese ink of past dynasties bookman is discussed, today's " the remotest corners of the earth " be full of mythological colour.
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