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Autonomous prefecture of Dali the Bai nationality is located in another name for Yunnan Province on the west, autonomous prefecture of Dong Lianchu male the Yi nationality, the area that protect hill is received on the west, north and beautiful river area border, mix south face border on of the dark blue, area that think of cogongrass. Entire administrative division is given priority to with country, occupy total extent 83.7% , its are the basin between hill, yunnan common weighs dam child.
Tall southeast of northwest of relief of entire administrative division is low, even if autonomous prefecture of be linked together is mid,mountain range of 棗 cloud mountain is carried south traverse hill. By north Xiang Na has hill of dark green of Xue Bangshan, old Jun Shan, Lang Shan, dot, sad prison mountain respectively, boundless hill and saddle hill. Apogee is northwest ministry sword plain, Lan Ping the Xue Bangshan of two counties boundary, altitude of the highest peak in a mountain range 4295 meters; The nadir is western river valley of angry river of cloud dragon county, altitude 730 meters.

Dark blue of angry river, Jin Shajiang, billows Jiang Heyuan river (red river) 4 flood department sheds classics whole area. Angry river classics most carry on the west, become the boundary river with county of water of angry river Lu, it is a center with sea of downy lake Er, upper Jin Shajiang, river of billows dark blue is mixed western southeast ministry yuan river (upper reaches calls a ceremony company river) watershed. Freely of here river river, size altogether many 160. Overflow Bi river is one of main minor aspects of river of billows dark blue. Yuan river hair results from lofty hill and cover cross prefectural border. Main and laky have cause of lake of sword of sea of Dali city Er, sword plain, Er the sea, Zi greens jade on the west lake, west lake, east sea of Qing Cao of Qinghai of moustache, auspicious cloud, crane, Yunlong day pool, Binchuan Hai Sao reservoir, . The river valley between hill, river, lake and fallen basin, also be the main base that crop produces. The large dams with famous Honshu child Dali, auspicious cloud, Bin Chuan, cover is crossed, Er source, crane is celebrated, lofty hill, sword plain, Ma Deng.
Groundwater of entire administrative division is rich, 100 is in hot spring more. The hot spring of Er source county is most, element says " the countryside of hot spring " . Additional Dali environs person rub there is hot spring to flush below hill, water is warm amount to 70 Celsius, for water quality of carbonic acid cliff, but dehumidify dispel is ill. There is spring of famous Leng Quan butterfly below the Shan Longfeng that nod dark green.
Of natural travel resource the most magical and distinctive person should be Cang Er scene. Ascend since north of the hill that nod dark green plain, stop south next closing, by north Xiang Namian delays 50 more than kilometer, side-by-side panels 19 mountain peak, call Cang Shan 19 peaks, altitude is in more 3000 meters of above, altitude of peak of dragon of highest peak horse 4122 meters, summit firn all the year round is not changed. 19 peaks are placing 18 brooks water, sea of Dong Xie Yu Er. Er sea and hill of dot dark green are parallel, the thing is narrow, north and south grows 40 kilometers face to accumulate 250 square kilometer, altitude 1980 meters, store water 2.88 billion stere, average depth of water 11.5 meters, most deeply 20 meters. Dark green lake water and set each other off of clear mountain white snow are unripe brightness.
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