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The Imperial Palace

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The Imperial Palace: Old weigh Forbidden City. In Zhengzhou downtown. Bright, clear the palace of two generation, our country is existent the biggest the wholest ancient structure group renown always happy 4 years (1406) only then build, always happy build basically 18 years. Heretofore classics of 560 old one by one 24 emperors.

Although classics bright, the position that two generation repair Qing Dynasty again for many times and extend still holds original. Cover an area of 720 thousand much square metre, lou Yu more than 9000 floor area 150 thousand square metre. Gong Qiang grows about 3 kilometers all round, standing tall and upright on four sides the turret with flowery style, have outside the wall wide the 52 moat of rice surround, form the castle of camp of a forbidding. The structure composition of palace of the Imperial Palace by outside the cent of face, imperial palace. Face aether is mixed outside, counteract, protect and 3 audience hall are a center, hall of ounce of culture, fierce is both wings, it is the emperor holds grand ceremony and call in group the main room of right of official, exercise. Imperial palace has palace of palace of male Qing Dynasty, the hall that reach extreme, female peace and thing 6 palace, it is the emperor handles the wife of a prince after day-to-day government affairs is mixed, emperor child people live, amuse oneself and the place that give a look. Southeast face is the vestibule with long and narrow north and south, have Tian An Men and lucky door, form palace series architectural prelude grows before the door. Front door namely midday door, boreal door is divine fierce door, dong Hua door is east, xihuamen is on the west.

There is square of one party form to river of bent gold water is traversed after midday door, bridge of stone of 5 white marble weak opening is crossed on the river, bridge north is top of hall of Wu of 9 duouble-eaved roof too with the door, its paratactic clear heart, chastity spends two side 2. Square thing has those who lead to Wen Huadian and fierce flower hall assist and, cheek mixes 2. 3 audience hall are outside the main body building of face, enter too with the door it is face broadness head on hall of Wu of 11 duouble-eaved roof supports too with the hall, fastigium of assemble of quadrate Chan Yan is among counteract a hall, rest for 9 duouble-eaved roof finally of the summit protect and hall, the station that 3 halls build in white marble of an I-shaped three-layer base go up, corridor Wu surrounds all around, of great momentum, the most splendid structure in be the Imperial Palace group.

Cong Qianqing door begins imperial palace, in in axial on-line building has male Qing Dynasty palace of the palace, hall that reach extreme, female peace and 12 compound all round. Thing of palace of male Qing Dynasty has 6 groups of yard that fasten from adult each, namely east 6 palace and on the west the face has palace of Feng Xiandian, fast south 6 Gong Dongliu palace, on the west the hall that raise a heart is before 6 palace. The palace of Dong Youning birthday of the axes in imperial palace is built one group, common says outside east road, xi Youci peaceful palace, Shou Kang palace, Ying Huadian. Imperial palace has a garden additionally 3, imperial garden is in Ning Shougong garden to raise heart Dian Zhixi in Ning Shougong in the finish off of the axes in the Imperial Palace, garden of kind peaceful palace is before Ci Ning palace. Imperial palace and outside the structure mood widely different of face.
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