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Collect world name excels the Zhengzhou world park of an organic whole, be located in area of Beijing abundant stage to spend stage of countryside big fort, gross area 46. 7 hectare, be apart from downtown 16 kilometers, be apart from Beijing the guest stands on the west 8 kilometers, park of the proximate forest that spend countryside.

Beijing world park is by abundant stage area government and government of beautiful country country invest jointly 1. Of 500 million yuan of build. Park 1991 break earth, through builder people the joint efforts of 18 months fights bravely, high rate ground built this with " do not go abroad the door, circumnavigation " the world park to build an intent, opened formally to tourist on October 1, 1993.
Park whole layout differentiates according to 5 continent domain scene area, the 109 place with on the world 40 countries are distinguished historic site scenic spot small shrink the tourist attraction gives priority to body, assemble the building such as opern of Sydney of memorial hall of the White House of courtyard of goddess of iron tower of Er of humble of the famousest Egypt pyramid on the world, France dust, Paris, United States, Capitol, Lincoln, Australia, and garden of type of Italianism, Japan. Europe of hamster, Western Europe, north, North America, South America, Africa, the Oceania is set inside the park, on the west inferior, the 17 scene area such as East Asia, South Asia, water system distributings to connect according to the appearance of 4 ocean complete garden. The sculpture inside garden, sculpture has nearly 100, mermaid of free goddess, make water child, Denmark, David, Venus, Xiao Bang, Mozart waits for a character, fine carve of carve of essence of life, lifelike. Laser fountain, plant is set inside garden the public place of entertainment such as world of labyrinthian, fairy tale. Meal having market still is built inside the park, shop, amusement is happy of a suit, the international market that reflects exotic sentiment and international folk-custom village. International street is located in the northeast horn of the park, about 200 meters long, area 1. 50 thousand square metre, it is the construction group that has Euramerican color, among them Luo Sangli of building of cate of heart of song of Italian boutique street, Germany, Switzerland tastes a street to wait, basically manage each country gust and travel souvenir, the recreational activities that begins rich and exotic characteristic.
Park of world of tourist ramble Beijing, by 1: 10 proportion are small the building that shrink can make your too many things to see, big feast one's eyes on. These following the world scenic spot and those who build is small shrink building, the design is careful, modelling is distinct, place oneself here, you can feel as if to be in really circumnavigation. The time that can use a day is full view the world all the famousest famous places and historical sites, the dream of how many person turned into here today reality.
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