Five ticket price inflation into the spring look for tickets now is the time

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Every Chinese New Year approaching, train hard to get a ticket, and layers of soaring ticket prices, so we can not help but sigh: how families back so hard? Night line up to buy tickets too tortured, weekdays are able to purchase discounted tickets during the Spring Festival and very rare. Chinese reporter from the world's largest online travel site where to network ( data 了解到 ticket prices, students return home due to Han Jia, New Year and Spring Festival of the Three Little Jiaqi effect, a chain ticket prices in January soared 50% in December , while the Spring Festival period, the prices of popular routes are inaccessible, normally a piece of cheap air tickets are like invisible, almost disappeared. How can we become a force in the spring of the lucky ones, convenient and affordable to buy cheap air tickets it? The first one ground to see the price trend The closer the Spring Festival, the greater the price fluctuations, to grasp the price trend, where the network can be utilized to provide more than the ticket price trend analysis chart, and ticket prices calendar. The two small tools can help users to clearly understand during the Spring Festival from today until the prices go, the price fluctuation of insight. Calendar, ticket prices can easily book round-trip tickets the user to select a more favorable date of travel. For example, as shown in the figure, select the date of the yellow area travel, round trip air tickets are the best. The second measure Amoy Debu struggling airline tickets booking in advance Where networks to provide cheap air tickets booking airline tickets search, this function has been all from the on-line by the majority of users. Because conditions are provided by the user, information and precision, every time the conditions that meet the user's first time ticket information will inform the user, such as the information sent to mobile phone text messages or user-specified mailbox. We recommend booking tickets in a single set not only a condition for a discount, you can set the number of multi-date period and discount points, then harvest the information and more extensive. And not because the conditions are too small to find a ticket can be a substitute product. In this way, users do not need frequent refresh, and always stay near the computer, you can easily access the information they want cheap tickets. Appointment to the ticket, the first time to buy, described as "searching, searching, actually effortless." The third measure round-trip together to buy, cheap have protection Where net devaluation in October 2010 round-trip special package has been welcomed by customers, not only can save users a lot of trouble, but also enjoy the many facilities to airlines. Where net ticket products, according to Senior Director Yang introduced during the Spring Festival together with round trip to buy home has many benefits: First, buy a round trip together, users only need to fill out a personal booking information, a one-time payment, very convenient; another, such as the need for a single trip passengers, pay only a courier, can also save costs. Secondly, the round trip with the purchase of more security, will not buy a ticket to return to trip ticket and prices and other such emergency situations, allows users to generate losses. Yang Wei said that the round trip with the Mai allows users to Amoy to cheaper 50% more likely to ticket. More importantly, many separate low-cost tickets, airlines have very strict restrictions, such as retirement Gaiqian not like, resulting in 若 user temporary schedule has changed, it will bring no small loss. However, this round-trip ticket, most airlines also give more time back 改签 convenience, few can not back 改签 situation. In addition, Yang said, "Every year the tide of the Spring Festival are returning home, many first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and one to the Spring Festival, many of the urban population decreased. Airfare from Beijing to all parts of a corresponding rise, while flying from other cities to Beijing, but much cheaper ticket prices. are seeing ticket prices around Beijing to offer almost the full price of the Spring Festival, and the seat tension, but the city has a ticket to Beijing discounts. So, faced with the spring force this year, as opposite, such as the father and mother to Beijing to the New Year. both family reunion, but also save a lot of cost. "
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