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The 8 Great Walls that amount to mountain

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The 8 Great Walls that amount to mountain are located in Zhengzhou to delay the south that celebrate a county, in the northwest direction of Beijing the city zone, be apart from downtown 75 kilometers.

The 8 Great Walls that amount to mountain are the one part of the defence project Great Wall with our country great ancient time, build at Ming Daihong to treat 18 years (1505) , ever tried between Ming Jiajing, 10 thousand past years relief of city of repair this end length is arduous, commanding, it is the important protective screen of the martial pass with bright important generation and capital Beijing.
Yu Chongshan of Yan of bowl of the 8 Great Walls that amount to mountain between high mountain, depend on hill and build, on any account rises and fall, be continuous zigzag. 8 the mouth outside amounting to mountain to be located in the Juyongguan Pass, have east, on the west two close, cry east " the town outside Ju Yong " , say on the west " key of boreal door lock " . Guan Chengdong is narrow on the west wide, the Great Wall from " boreal Men Yaosuo " close the city closes to hill is depended on since the stage and be built, city wall discretion is differ, make an appointment with high on average 7. 5 meters, very about 6 meters wide, can allow 5 horses and gallop, 10 people are collateral. The wall body of city of this end length is to use an orderly and tremendous stone to be spread, some stone is as long as 2 meters, weigh hundreds jins. In-house cram clay and block, the wall carries the ground on the head to bespread square brick, very level off. The side outside wall top is built have tall 1. 7 meters crenel, there is opening of keep a lookout on, there is fire hole below, inside builds wall having house. City wall every other a paragraph, build the quadrate city station that has type of a fort. City desk has have high low, call enemy cuddle high, it is the place that keeps watch to lodge with sergeant; Small stage making a wall, height and city wall photograph are about the same but outside outstanding wall, there is crenel all around, it is to patrol the place that stand sentry. Still set smoke a block of stone or wood on commanding elevation, namely beacon tower, it is ancient time is delivered alarm the establishment of dispatch.
Since October 1, 1995, every weekend the 8 Great Walls that amount to mountain from south to north inside 1200 meters of distances of 4 beacon tower, 650 color floodlight shines at the same time attractive lamplight. Daily came 18:30 in the evening 21:30, open to tourist.

Traffic circuitry: 1, De Sheng door is multiplied 919
2, front door is multiplied swim 1, swim 5, swim 8 (Saturday, weekday leaves)
3, Beijing station is multiplied swim 2
4, Dong Daqiao is multiplied swim 3
5, the zoo is multiplied swim 4
6, stable door is multiplied swim 8 cars all can arrive.
7, the train: Every Saturday, , beijing north stands (Xizhimen) 6:30, 8:30, 9:34 by
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