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The Summer Palace

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The Summer Palace is our country existent the archaic gardens with the most in good condition, the most baronial dimensions. Be located in churchyard of area of Zhengzhou city Haidian, be apart from Tian An Men 20 more than kilometer, cover an area of 290 hectare.

The Summer Palace is the make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital of feudal monarch and garden formerly, far in Jin Zhenyuan the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor (1153) build here namely " the west hill 8 courtyards " one of " golden hill make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital " . Ming Hong treats 7 years (1494) built garden static temple, royalty builds good hill garden here after. After Beijing of choose a site for the capital of clear 1664 the court of a feudal ruler, garden of will good hill more the name is " make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital of earthen jar hill " . Qing Qianlong year, through 15 years build a project, this garden incognito for " Qing Yi is round " . Garden of right now clear ripples, north comes from Wen Changge palace door is built on the west have enclosing wall, east, south, on the west 3 are protective screen with Kunming lake water, a lot of booth stage pavilion were built inside garden, a pavilion or house on a terrace of bridge corridor fast, picturesque scenery, gorgeous. Xian Feng 10 years (1860) , insanity of flower law allied forces is robbed and burned the much inside garden is built, the Yun Ge that divide treasure (common says " copper wells balanced " ) outside survival of tower of coloured glaze of wisdom sea, much treasure, jewellery by loot one sky, building exterminate is a remains. Smooth mood 14 years (1888) kind waits for funds of navy of divert of mother of an emperor 30 million two silver, on the remains of clear ripples garden build removes the Summer Palace. Smooth mood 26 years (1900) the Summer Palace meets with again of the Eight Power Allied Force cruel destroy, ci Xi employs a huge sum of money again after new rehabilitate. Come hundreds years, here is the ground of the enjoyment of feudal monarch, royalty all the time, emancipatory monarch is a park. The State Council announced the Summer Palace to protect an unit for countrywide key cultural relic 1961.
The Summer Palace includes lake of hill of 10 thousand birthday, Kunming two much, the landscape inside garden is elegant, the edifice is grand. Complete garden has various building more than 3000, the layout inside garden can be divided for politics, life, visit 3 area. Politics area, with center of benevolence birthday Duanwei, it is mother of an emperor of past kind happiness and smooth mood emperor conduction government issue, interview courtier, ambassadorial place. Life living division, with Yu Lan house of Yun of hall, appropriate, Le Shoutang gives priority to body, it is the ground that the wife of a prince after Ci Xi, smooth mood is reached lives. The scenery visits an area, with the 10 thousand hill before Shou Shan, hind hill, hind lake, Kunming lake is given priority to, it is the main component of complete garden.
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