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Hill of high mountain eyebrow

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Beauty spot of hill of high mountain eyebrow is located in Chinese Sichuan to save churchyard of city of hill of high mountain eyebrow, to visit the prefectural class town of directly under the jurisdiction of, it is nature of a collect the lofty mountains of Chinese state level of scene and an organic whole of Buddhist article melt into scenery scenic spot. 10 thousand Buddha carry highest peak on the head altitude 3099 meters, it is famed travel resort and Buddhist name hill; Scene area area 154 square kilometer, 1983, the State Council will announce for first national level key scenery scenic spot area; Included on December 6, 1996 " world nature and culture bequest directory " , delicate eyebrows hill makes the collective money of complete mankind accordingly.

Of all ages, hill of high mountain eyebrow is pilgrimage of people ceremony Buddha, visit sightseeing, science to inspect the resort with recreational recuperate. Hill of high mountain eyebrow came 100000 burning incense exuberant, tourist is incessant, always nurture glamour. Hill of high mountain eyebrow came 100000 burning incense exuberant, tourist is incessant, always nurture glamour. Basically be with natural resources of beautiful natural scene, long Buddhist culture, substantial the content that use plant,

Gold of mountain of high mountain eyebrow supportsDistinctive geological landforms and celebrated at the world. Be by what people says " Buddha country elfland " , " geological museum " , " animal Eden " etc, element has " the world of high mountain eyebrow is beautiful " beautiful praise. Poem of Li Bai of Tang Dynasty poet says: "Hill of Sichuan country much celestial being, it is difficult that high mountain eyebrow fars away be equal to " ; Fan Cheng of acting poet of the Song Dynasty is big characteristic delicate eyebrows hill is wraparound for " beautiful shell the world " . Assist of Hong Mo of week of Ming Daishi's person: "The beautiful shell the world of 3 high mountain, why to need a fabled abode of immortals of experience nautical fathom " ; If foam of Guo of contemporary eminent writer inscribes a book to high eyebrow hill is " hill of the world name " .
Delicate eyebrows hill is in China distinct advantage is had in each name hill -- " male, beautiful " have both. Hero is those who point to its hill body is tremendous, entire mountain gross area exceeds 300 square kilometer, 10 thousand Buddha carry the highest peak in a mountain range on the head altitude 3099 meters, the Campagna area altitude below hill more than meters 400, relatively tall difference is in 2600 meters of above, exceeded greatly long the Five Mountains that enjoys high reputation and Huang Shan, wild goose swings hill, cottage hill to wait for hill of domestic travel name. Zhong Yue of Tan of clear acting poet will high eyebrow Shan Jiajing is 10 scene without exception: "Jin Dingxiang is smooth " , " elephantine pool is moonlight " , " government office of 9 old celestial being " , " Hong Chun Xiao Yu " , " Bai Shuiqiu wind " , " Shuang Qiaoqing sound " , " big level ground ceases raining or snowing snow " . Element has " one hill has the four seasons, 10 lis of different days " wonderful analogy. The person is between hill, become aware to emerge everywhere since the peak only, vast be like the sea. Beautiful it is the attractive elegant demeanour that shows its are halcyon, dark. Ever had the sentence of scene of delicate eyebrows of poetic word picture: "Qiu Riqing is settleclear, see two hill be like,confront each other delicate eyebrows Yan " .
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