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Sweet hill park

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Park of Sssssssssss sweet hill is located in Dong Lu of Beijing outskirt west hill, in the northwest of Zhengzhou urban district, area downtown 28 kilometers. Gross area 160 hectare, it is a history the mountain forest park of long, rich natural appeal.

There is lacteal peak rock in hill, constantly ejective cloud and mist, with the censer peak likeness of cottage hill. Go up because of hill again have megalith, very resemble censer, sweet hill gets a name accordingly. The highest peak of sweet hill is censer peak (common says " ghost sees anxious " ) altitude 557 meters.
Situation of hill of sweet hill park is abrupt, beautiful wood green basket, qing Quan is deep, scenery quiet and beautiful. From gold era removes the monarch of a few dynasty, all be away for the summer holidays in this build from Gong Bieyuan. Qing Qianlong 10 years (1745) employed huge manpower material resources, be in forest between unoccupied place cliff, gain place Dian Taiting cabinet, built house of palace door day, add build a circumference more than lis 10 outside wall, form etiquette Cheng is baronial royal model animal farm, give a name " garden wall divides Jing Yiguo " to wall for inside and outside at that time, share 28 view. 20 scene wall to have inside: Diligent politics hall, beautiful gaze sweet house of temple of building, Lai Qingxuan, sweet hill, booth aing shady retreat on a green hill, rain. 8 scene wall to have outside: In relief A (sunny hole) , hole of Yu Huaxiu, Sen Gonghu, sweet mist (quiet room) wait. The north that walls outside, have Bie Yuan additionally, garden is medium at that time building, without number success a point. Mixed 1860 1900, cruel flower law allied forces and the Eight Power Allied Force burned round after bright garden, Summer Palace, sweet hill also was not let off scenic spot, much part place of historic interest also by burn down. The famous places and historical sites of keep and sightseeing tourist attraction have now: See the heart needs, booth of village of Mount Hua of snow of fine of tower of clear temple, Sen Yuhu, coloured glaze, west hill, jade, half hill, double Qing Dynasty is villatic wait with peak of glasses lake, censer. Diligent hole of temple of politics hall, sweet hill, sweet mist can visit relics only.
Sweet hill park, beautiful natural scenery, especially sweet hill red autumnal leaves is famed most. Whenever frost autumn, all over hill smoke tree, like a raging fire, magnificent is clinking. Right now tourist times add, the tourist sits in mountain-climbing telpher in, look at hill red autumnal leaves, it is a kind of god-given enjoyment. Be as follows cultural relic historic site and brief introduction of main tourist attraction now:
East the front door of palace door park, qianlong emperor extend is built when static appropriate garden, still saved original form to make now. Diligent the place of the hold court that politics hall is fair Qing Bailiao of imperial call in formerly, put only now base location. Into east the door can see. The south that relics of sweet hill temple is in a park, former hall is 5, relief is topping, the structure is splendid, it is one of 28 situation of domestic, have relics only now. Monument of pen of Qianlong emperor drive still stands tall and upright now hereat. Double clear villa is south sweet hill temple, built 1931. The Central Committee of Communist Party of China saved change of smooth hill county to be made the same score to north by Heibei on March 25, 1949, of short duration is stationed in sweet hill, mao Zedong stays in double clear villa, change person is medium on August 23 Nanhai. Chairman Mao ever was directed successfully here cross river battle, country to negotiate in all, write down " liberation army of people of · of an eight-line poem with seven characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme is occupational Nanjing " wait for famous poem. Toad peak also calls shrimp toad stone, on waist of west hill of sweet hill temple, megalith is abrupt, if the toad holds his head high east look. Half hill booth is in side of north of sweet hill temple, the site that is cabinet of avalokitesvara of temple of past sweet hill stands tall and upright at the south is the fine point that views and admire a scenery among half way up the mountain. Present half hill wells balanced the tourist attraction is built after be. Gorgeous Qiu Lin wells balanced from half hill edge hill road go up on the west can arrive, this takes arboreous crowd together, autumn spreads all over red autumnal leaves, it is sweet hill area of famous red autumnal leaves. Village of jade Mount Hua is in Yi of relics of sweet hill temple on the west, it is tourist attraction of a court with mid half way up the mountain wind, quiet and tastefully laid out and chic, can offer visitor small rest. This tourist attraction is the new structure on Yuan Yuxiu's relics. Sen Yuhu is in village of jade Mount Hua is southwest, have one tremendous cliff, inscribe on " Sen Yuhu " 3 big character, for Qianlong drive pen, it is one of 28 scene, carve characters on a seal still clear and visible. Sunny hole is located in Sen Yuhu northwest, qianlong emperor ever swam this with, autograph " in relief A " , for one of 28 scene when Qing Qianlong, show this hole to still be put, mouth of a cave has carve characters on a seal of Qianlong poem word on the west. Upper part of north of hole of rising sun of relics of sweet mist hole has one platform, in be being built for garden adytum eaves formerly highest one place, one of 28 scene when Qing Qianlong, show a building to already was not had. Relics of hole of sweet mist of dwell month mountain villa a bit east, the site of the dwell month cliff that is one of 28 scene formerly, destroy after, the Republic of China year build villa here, say " dwell month mountain villa " . Snow of west hill fine is in place of half way up the mountain of north of Yi of sweet mist hole, it is the well-known view ground that view scene clears after snow. Qianlong emperor autograph establishs tablet, square tablet and stone are made protect bar save now in good condition. "Snow of west hill fine " for Yan Jing one of 8 scene. Lotus house is in Zhuang Yibei of jade Mount Hua, for latter-day building, borrow one of 28 scene " lotus level ground " name. Clear temple is in lotus house east side, east the northern part of palace door, it is building of a group of ancient time of domestic Tibetan type, building of the share in temple meets with burn down, monument of coloured glaze memorial archway, white station, red stage and coloured glaze tower survive. Coagulating Tang Zhaomiao with north, for garden inside ancient building, decorate anew in recent years, stone of the hill after hall is bony, loose Bai Cangcui. Fast seeing a heart is in coagulating before hall, it is the court of the Changjiang Delta style that builds between clear Jiaqingnian, it is garden in existent a more complete group of ancient buildings. Ghost sees anxious is in the northwest ministry of complete garden, for the apogee inside garden, because hill situation is abrupt, be hard to ascend and get a name.
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