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Age aviation is airline of first low cost of Chinese, by China the most powerful home travel agent -- age travel agent establishs. Headquarters is in Shanghai, airport of United States orchid is airport of bridge of above sea rainbow, Pudong airport and big talk base. Own the airbus A320 new-style aircraft with 8 comfortable and advanced, costly technologies at present. Management Shanghai flying Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Xiamen, Kunming, big talk, 3 inferior, more than 20 course such as Guilin, Wen Zhou, Qingdao. Offer to the passenger " safe, low, standard feature, convenient, sweet " the journey in sky serves.
Age aviation with " let everybody sit to remove a plane " for the target, innovation starts, pass low cost operation pattern successfully, reduce fare, rolled out " 1 yuan " , " 99 yuan " , " 199 yuan " , " 299 yuan " wait for special offer airline ticket, yield benefit at consumer. Average fare compared age aerial 2006 average price is low on the market about 36% , bring 200 million much material benefit for the passenger.
Age aviation is the first airline of Chinese paddles his own canoe to development is sold and leave harbor system, the passenger can be in the home or go up through the net in the office or the mobile phone pays, reserve airline ticket, still can choose plane cabin place on the net, self-help conduction Check-In boards the plane formalities.
The boat of the whole people that age aviation had the honor to win civil aviaton total bureau to carry department to announce 2006 " 5 rate " general comment of the integral that increase advantageous position is compared the first (accident of company account flight is symptomatic 10 thousand when abnormal rate, passenger complains flight number of account of rate, company 10 thousand. Age aviation also becomes domestic civil aviaton the airline that highest guest leads 95.4 % , move the first year to realize gain namely in safety.
Embrace a client, embrace tomorrow, age aviation and you fly jointly!

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